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How You Can Benefit from Liposuction

You may have found out that the stubborn pockets of fat are still not eliminated no matter how you diet and exercise. Well, such excess deposits of fat are generally result of genetics and they can appear on your knees, chin, thighs, buttocks, hips or the abdomen. Liposuction is one plastic surgery procedure which you can have so that pockets of stubborn fat are removed.

Liposuction is becoming very popular in the US and also in other countries. These days, there are now many kinds of liposuction procedures that are available to suit a certain situation. All of these things are able to offer great results when performed by experienced and highly trained plastic surgeons.

A kind of liposuction that you can go for is syringe liposuction. This is just normal and the most basic approach to liposuction and this involves inserting a syringe with that attached tube into the targeted area. The syringe would then be withdrawn and this creates a suction that removes fat. In a syringe liposuction, you will have an effective and simple procedure that results to minimal blood loss and you shouldn’t worry about recovery as well because it is just very quick.
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The ultrasonic liposuction is also another method. This type of technology uses the sound waves which are passed going through the tube then to the body in order to break fat and make the removal easy. Because the sound waves produce heat which can cause burns, the manufacturers have created salt water irrigation systems which cool the tube while it is being used.
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There is also the power-assisted liposuction that uses the motor which is moving a metal tube in a metal tube. For every forward and backward movement of the hand of the plastic surgeon in the process of liposuction, the patient would receive two or three times of motion of the tube or could be more. What this means that more fat is eliminated for every unit of time.

The laser-assisted liposuction is also available and this is a kind of liposuction which makes use of laser fiber which is passed through the skin and into the body and the laser beam is then passed down the fiber. It is believed that this would break up fat cells and could result in more skin shrinkage as compared to the liposuction procedure that doesn’t use laser. This has less bruising and swelling and a shorter recovery as well.

Another option that you can go for is the micro liposuction wherein the small amounts of fat are eliminated with the use of injection-sized needles. This kind of method is best for the chin and the areas of the neck.

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